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Touch That Heals

Massage brings a vision of human touch that is meant to bring healing. We instantly think about a touch that can bring relief from physical pain and mental stress bothering body, mind and soul. When a trained massage therapist combines techniques with deeper understanding for the need of touch, the end result is a holistic well-being that leaves the receiver feeling rejuvenated.

What to Expect

Massage session will start with taking your health history to learn your concerns. Techniques will be adjusted according to the needs.

In case you are hosting the session at your place it will be your responsibility to provide enough space to set-up the table/chair that allows easy movement around it to perform massage easily. The space should allow you to disrobe in privacy and get between the sheets while I wait outside.

Entire body will be draped with sheet or towel through out the session. Parts being massaged will only be exposed.

After the massage you will be offered suggestions related to postural corrections to reduce pain. You may be advised about the intake of water or using ice/hot-pack at home.

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